Wapen van Noordgouwe, ZeelandTaste the green, feel the
birds, feel the skies
above the waters and the
Landscapes in surprisingly
many flavors and colors.
A Zeeland adventure, for
Who wants to see it of course.


NB Concert at Sea fully booked!

Bed & Breakfast de Gouw

Common breakfast and recreation room.
This Bed & Breakfast has two spacious bedrooms in both houses a shower, toilet and sink.
Are equipped with a good bed, heating and T.V. on kamer. Coffee and tea filtered water osmosis.
Bicycle storage. Garden freely accessible. Free parking. Restaurants near Noordgouwe. Our Bed & Breakfast is centrally located on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland in the province of Zeeland.
You can take advantage of this very quiet and rustic environment. It is obvious that the activities are not limited to water sports just like any;
(Sailing, fishing, diving, canoeing and swimming) just to name a few, beach, North Sea, Grevelingen and Oosterschelde.